SoulArt Breakthrough

Meditation and journalling, are all useful when wanting to get unstuck on a life issue.

I discovered creative journalling with a love of doodling growing up, continuing through my personal development journey, I discovered creative arts and processes I love.

Working on dreams, and unconscious knowledge via jungian psychology and consciousness personal studies I discovered we all have the gift to breakthroughs, revealing blindspots and bringing awareness to how we can get ‘unstuck’ .

My favourite way to assist people with breakthroughs is via talk therapy , body focusing, energy therapies and creative portals, and Soul Art.

Even as a coach, it can be very helpful to be guided through this process.

Often fresh eyes give you a perspective we can be good at hiding the magic from ourselves.
Today I’m sharing with you my personal recent journey a SoulArt piece via mandala.

Firstly I set an intention. My motivation sprung from an urge to apply for an art competition the theme being ‘movment’.

For me to gain from inner knowledge what movement means to me, I accessed a soul art process called ‘mandala shift’

I was gifted this process by coach Tanya Arler, and access it regularly …

It’s simple .. impactful .. and gives me access to inner knowledge that allows me to develop my theme in a meaningful way .

My example below shows stage 1. drawn with colours chosen from unconscious and doodled within the circle ( expression of soul)
I utilised from group input, and even some input from my kids for my reading of this soulful information ( fresh eyes can reflect back to you what you don’t see initially). My own refelections emotions from course symbols and research were important also.
Stage 1.

And my conscious shift in perspective after the process

Side note:

Re looking into jungian style refection and symbols here

The goldfish .. alchemy from pond of unconscious

The golden flowers coming from ancient Chinese .. signs of the ultimate gift via chi … Perfect balance between light and dark

Perfect energy ready to create a visual art piece with theme ‘movment’

* If you would like to chat to me how I may be helpful to you with any life issue … Access my booking calendar here

Christine x

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