On Dreams … creativity journey

So, today I had the urge to share socially my declarations and decisions for 2019 on social media.

It’s like my accountability place to show up and inform my community about where it is i desire to explore and an opportunity to personally share the impact of my creative processes as i explore for my own expansion and use in my breakthrough coaching practice.

You can see my 3 min live video here

Coaching journey

Firstly, focusing on my desires at beginning of 2018, to share my gifts and start coaching, led me to start holding space and witnessing breakthroughs for others …

My personal journey also deepened,

I was led to processes that allowed me to face core issues resourcefully and responding to these opportunities with awareness that has strengthened my toolbox for meeting others with their own areas of stuckness.


Allowing the opening of the unbiased creative portal …

Via processes involving dreams .. activating the inner guidance, intuitive nature we all have and looking consciously at the feedback from this inner storage place ( so to speak)

Via conscious creators ( courße and community), intuitive coaching and my present journey in jungian psychology eith art therapy …

My declaration for 2019 includes expansion … for my own journey, and for those that are tuned in to this now

Thank you for witnessing and partaking in my journey in whatever form ,

Christine x

Connect to christine fanning breakthrough coach for further information

Ps: View my album of creative flow from dreams and creative processes as a breakthrough coach via facebook instagram

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