Money Story

When we talk about soul purpose and passion pursuits we rarely refer to the mundane stuff.


Money when spoken about in a postive light often means for people, attaining freedom from worry and stress, security and abundance.

And yet …

If we ask how we can achieve these things, the answers come in words like work hard, saving, clear debts, and frugal living.

Or on the polar opposite we talk of miracles .. the unexpected .. stay positive with gratitude and fortunes will arrive !

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain … and miracles but I’ve learned an interesting lesson in abundance in 2018 and i got to look at my behaviours around money and ask myself,

How could my soul take charge of this. What is my passion response.

How can i trust it !!

Can my soul be involved in such serious matters as finance ?!


I didn’t do it on my own, as per synchronicity the right person showed up for me so I employed this coach renouned for such matters and as I suspected, there was some murky waters for me to wade through ..

It became obvious that how I was taught to handle money …. was NOT allowing my soul much input.

I learned a new way through this coaching module to look at money as the sacred currency we have invented to be able to evolve from bartering

This is so cool as it enables us to exchange goods and services and contributions in the world. This changes things completely !

I was challenged to change my money behaviours too!

Like not focusing on debt and savings like I was taught. ( in soul language …. lack )

But instead, taking care of my sacred currency, being responsive, consciously circulating my spending, creating more money, celebrating and growing. ( soul language … abundance)

It was actually harder than i thought !

It entailed

**treating my soul to passion purchases,

**Creating money by being responsible with my talents and making people aware of my coaching offers…. ( asking for business)

Never leaving a stone unturned as regards debt ( luckily i only have one now which is my house mortgage)

**Opening bills and finance correspondance and taking responsive action with gratitude, making payments automated then shifting focus.

**Karmic debt. Taking a look at places I’d received financial help or other and was holding onto an i owe you … ( by clearing this, i released both mine and the family me,ber in question from being bound in complicated debt and released to receive !)

**Having awkward/ open conversations with spouse about all money talk

* With my coaching package i got to have my money grids done, with finds out from my annual earnings and money behaviours , what creates me more and what to realistically expect in terms of monthly growth, ( my money vibrational frequency)


I loved the challenge and mostly the inner shift that came in response to this makes it light and fun, i notice when i waiver from it into default mode( old patterns) and i gently allow my soul to take lead and know that all is taken care of ..

I gained understanding of a money story i had been relating too … i share this in a private group via live video in prep for a group money story release coming soon !


If you have a business, and hold a lot of stress about money creation and responsibility, I highly recommend doing a money module …

I have recently added a soul money module, you can explore as part of a self care coaching package,

Soul money also comes as a module in itself .

My invitation starts with booking a complimentary discovery call here

Christine x

Ps: Im shortly running a free challenge to clear our old money stories, as a part of a new years gift in my community. We will noticing and releasing energetically all we thought we knew and were taught about money.

You are most welcome to join us x

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