Do i want to change for New Years sake? 2019

And so it is New Year …

And what have YOU done ?

Oh the pressure !!

Goal setting !!!

Buy a gym membership .. defy aging .. detox and become vegan .. be more spiritual .. change jobs .. be kind .. invest money .. find true love .. neuter the cat .. get a skip .. throw away everything .. shield against toxic people .. organise my life .. organise the kids life .. book a mini break .. stop smoking .. start jogging .. book myself a triathalon .. fit into my debs dress .. read a book .. cut my hair .. grow a fringe ..

I’m sure you can help me grow the list

You will now find in your inbox, the solutions products, programs to fit all goals you didn’t even know you wanted to achieve

On your newsfeeds, your friends are getting started already,

You can tell by the new filter on their selfies,

The positive mental attitude teabags in the new happy motivational mugs ..

You just know the christmas decorations are cleared, the attic restored and the new calendars are up and already getting dates blocked up with meetings, meditation groups , etc,

The question becomes WHAT resolution will I make? Theres nothing like showcasing your new product/program of course to validate that you are new and improved for 2019.

OR ….

Maybe you are the voyeur, watching these friends,whilst still chomping christmas chocolates and indulging in a grinchy snigger with a knowing that the countdown to failed resolutions is on …

Its a kind of reality t.v ..

You cant help but follow the stories that have started ..

Even knowing the end doesn’t weaken the compelling feeling to watch may be even consoling that theres no resolution that works, and the newsfeed is gonna demonstrate why you didnt choose new year transformation !!! ( because your very clever)


lets not forget this years trend to share THESE type posts .. they go something like

Newsflash 2019

New years resolutions are for inferior idiots !!

‘ Dont make the same mistakes as last year and start a new years change program ! They dont work !!!!!

The new and improved articles are about why new year programs dont work … this is where the new authority lies… these authors are clever !!

Subscribe and you ll be right on track to signing up for the program that slaps the face of other programs !!! You ll be clever not to fall for the transparent new years ‘detox and cleanse’ … instead you ll be seduced by the cinical approach , that strokes your pride for sarcasm and you march right along to the ‘detox and cleanse but not for new years…….. for life!’ program.

Your detox pics will be in a secret group with a bunch of kindred spirits who dont like being sheep, but want to be part of a movement, to improve their lives but still sniff at the silliness of what OTHER people fall for .

Rant over ( almost)

LMAO all the way to the end of January, when we can all take a breath and contemplate what we really want. Take stock with the little energy left after working the jog up to 10k in 2 weeks … phew!!

We can Breathe

Think about the choices that are real for each of us …

Maybe the ones that stick are those that come close to the values we want represented in our lives??

These are idividual and fit like a good shoe, neutral shade to match with all clothing … can stand the mileage .. get more comfortable with age and add substance to everywhere we travel.

The type of resolve that holds meaning, that we recognise as soulful are those that spring from the values we stand for.

We can learn to recognise our core values in life and in every decision practice clarity via value consulting.

…And this is the bridge where I gently introduce how i can help…. its not a program at all ( just the small yet crucial step most people miss)

Clarity comes with breakthrough moments and I’m inviting you to what i call a breakthrough session..

It’s an invitation to discover where your values lie, and how to navigate your world holding your truth, and stepping with conviction towards YOUR true north so to speak ..

Ps: Any new years goals that follow are the right ones for you

Get in touch via

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60% Discounted session valued at €80 ( €30 for 1st 3 who claim)

Christine x

Ps: Your are welcome to book a complimentary consult for personal coaching packages Complimentary 45 min call

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