It’s your time … Law Of Attraction Distraction

There seems to me, to be a missing component in the approach many take to Law Of Attraction 

Initially on discovering LOA practise  comes enthusiasm….


Empowerment …

Then often frustration and disappointment. 


The hope of realising our dreams is too strong to give up and we try again ..

Like winning on scratch cards we witness some little wins that keep us going and we listen to law of attraction gurus who have it all

And we truly do believe !!!

If this is you ( as it was me)


TAKE A BREATH !!!!!!!!!!

There is so much I want to say to you.

Today I’m going to let you know one aspect on life’s journey in manifesting dreams.

The law of



In birthing your  goals and intentions you have to allow for the germination process xxxxx ( it’s good news)

This can take a short / longer time based on several components … You are still experiencing life during this process and how you flow in the journey may determine the waiting time for those dream to realise !

Today I want to share an action step for you to take to stay in the flow and honour the process so you can continue to create what you want in life.

First here’s what you DONT do ..
Don’t exercise will power .. so don’t “try harder”.

Instead … Focus on what you want .. but then …
Be kind to yourself .. Demonstrate self love whilst your dreams take form… creating  for their season ..

Continue to feel the joy you are intending via manifesting your dream.. but know you already have this feeling to experience whenever you choose to ..

So do tap into it !!

In meditation / daydreaming / whilst driving the car !!!!

Do it and breathe ( a lot more often than you have been)

Have faith
That life is happening



What about my vision board ? FAQ

Creativity is powerful to get in tune with our desires, and a vision board can help you  get in tune.

What I’m talking about above is also owning the feeling that is conjured up when dreaming of your desires as often as you choose.  You then access law of energies thay will bring to form ( real life) all that matches this … If it happens not to turn out to be the car that’s on your vision board … that’s because it will be something better … in line with your true desires x



PS: My 90 day dream focus coaching is available on/ offline.

You can book your complementary chat , I’d love to hear from you xx

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