Fear friend or foe

Jim Morrison quote …
And the image I think is spot on

I’m delving into dream analysis and the subconscious … with the teachings of Carl Jung.
Giving ourselves permission to learn more about what we fear can be difficult in a world where we can exist forever distracted !!

We may remain forever oblivious about how rewarding  it can be to  find these secrets and clues …

The funny thing is, I notice breakthroughs in coaching when we shine a light on fear.
When you are ready to you allow yourself to see a fear … it’s no longer locked away
You can consciously bringing it along with you …

Like the image above … The animal looks scary, but the little person presents no fear.  She just decided to travel in the dark and rain to finally say hi to the mystery.

This gives opportunity to continue a journey  as authentic and true.

And the fear that once was
Is just a part of you ..

It can get diluted in the light
You become courageous
You learn from the depths of your being
You can learn peace


Christine x


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