Emotion = energy in motion


Overwhelm = sad
Frustration = Angry
Helpless. = Sad
Hopeless. = Sad
Outrage = anger
Relief. = Happy
Grateful. =happy
Worry. =Sad
Confusion =angry
Joy. =Happy

This list describes my emotion range this week week.
Read list one on left side ( note the sensations in your body)
Read list two ( note the sensations )

The way we describe our experiences to ourselves impacts how we cope for the future.

List one allows me to become consumed in the experience of emotions .. as I use these words to retell my experience I almost relive it !

List two I can experience the emotion yet detach the story and more readily move into something different !

I am thankful that I had a coach to point this out to me ….
and it’s the empowerment I now bring to parents I work with …. With me first ♥


Christine x


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