Met my ego in the downtown mirror

I met my ego in the mirror down town

I walked over to say hi!
I over shared
Over gave
Desperation condensation on glass
I thought
‘this is awkward’

I just wanted to look pretty
Be celebrated
What is this tension
What is your question?

I had to look closer
To see the distortion
The shame
In the cultural glass

‘you should clean your house
Get a government job
We don’t have time for your flaws
Your son won’t conform
Where’s your self care ?
We cannot accept you

Maybe I could clean houses
And go for a swim
Smile at circus mirrors around the schoolyard
And hear
Oh your sooo creative
You are talented
There’s a job at the college
You should apply!

I could risk my soul for a lifeless mirror
I could sit over wine and snigger at the distortion
Maybe paint or write pros
That nobody sees or knows

I could keep a secret
About not being cool
And have one liner answers and take phone calls that go
‘yes we’re fine
Just busy
Time flies!’

What if I keep on through the looking glass
And wander with rabbits
Drink tea with mad hats
And be disconnected
Yet still showing up!

Exposing my soul to the cultural mirror
And maybe a reflection would take a glance back
And say
I see you !!
Your free !!!
You’re me and I’m you !
Come to the party I’ve others here too !

And I spot the dancer for whom I created the dance
Others then join cause how could they not?
Spiritual high fives through the night ..

Mirrors expand corridors
They reflect light.

I settle not here ..
Yet by a window
With a daydream and a smile
Attracting passing energies and watch the birds fly

Here I see my image but with a backdrop perfection
Magic of nature engulfs my reflection

Here’s how I choose to settle my conscious direction

And now I see I’ve answered my question.

Christine Fanning

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