Ignite video challenge! … from camera shy to camera confident ……


No payment button necessary!

This has been a lifeline to me …. the ignite video challenge.
A couple of years ago, as I embarked on my entrepreneurial pathway online, I found a challenge that got me started sharing on video!!

I was so scared!!!
I had lots to say, and when it came to talking into into the lense of he camera it seemed silly, I became a mess and was disappointed wihe result!

So a lady I admired and had learned so much from already on the online space, shared a link to join a video challenge to get confident on camera and i jumped right in!

At first i was frustrated that I didnt sound and look different and found my first takes hard to share …. 30 days later my comfort levels had really taken a leap and i started to enjoy it!!

Now I have done several challenges and assist others through the process, It is really empowering and I’m finding it super effective and time efficient for sharing my message on social media !!

Here’s my invite to you to join to and it also shows how i can use video at ease on social media having completed the challenges !!


Click here to learn more and sign up 🙂

Heres to impacting our community with authentic messenges on social media!!

Christine x

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