Empowered Women Unite

Spark Collectors ….
Women of Ireland …

Something very cool is happening !!

I sense it … A rumble of change, of women stepping up and being counted !!

We want to progress!
We want move towards our prefered experience for life !!

We have songs to sing .. and are willing to remove obstacles and conditions that up to now have been holding us stuck ..

So the good news is …

Empowered Women Unite has sprung up in response to this message …

It starts for you as a facebook page .. where you can meet three founders (I’M ONE!!)
Then progress to our survey, that allows you to nail down the skills, environment, and changes you are willing to make to witness getting unstuck and empowered in life and business if that relates to you.

Do not hesitate …. head to Empowered Women Unite, and find out your next step to joining this community !! (hint: fill in survey and email so we can guide you a freebie and free group!)

Fabulousness is YOURS TODAY !!

Christine xx
Spark Collector
Family Wholefood Health
Empowered Women Unite

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