Get Unstuck with my De -Clutter a room in 5 days ….


Are you experiencing frustration in your home due to clutter?!!!
As a pre-launch to GetUnstuck coaching, this is an offering with very special offer …
A practical goal focused challenge using coaching techniques designed to get you past your head and into the place where real change can ignite!!

For 5 days starting 8th Aug imagine being guided through daily tasks/steps using one hour approx per day?!
Then imagine achieving a new space / room of your choice ( although i will be recommending the place where you sleep) …
Result? You will have taken a shift in your reality from witnessing clutter in your home, and experiencing heaviness, brain fog, fatigue, lack of motivation etc, to a clearer space, which will have you moving with more ease into creating an environment that more aligned with you … resulting in a lighter, energised you with greater clarity and ease.

You will explore and address:

1. Reasons why you are witnessing clutter.
2. Techniques to assist you to release your attachment to items when you choose to.
3. Practical steps to clearing a room /space.
4. Engage with a community of participants to create conversation of encouragement.
5. Daily videos to help demonstrate each task.
6. Live questions and answers video at the end in the group

* Watch an interview on facebook live with Brenda Kennelly on my story of de-cluttering

How to take part:

Step 1.
Request to join the group community here

Step 2.
Receive message directing you to pay one off fee for the course of €25 !!!!!!!!

Step 3.
You will be then be part of the group where you will see warm up posts running up to start date 8th August


*** if you refer a friend you receive a €5 refund !!!

This course is a one off opportunity and will be served as a part of my GetUnstuck conscious coaching programme… Price tag at the moment €300

Hope to see you soon …
I cannot wait to guide you to a place of light, ease, and space !!

Spark Collector
GetUnstuck coaching

Ps: If you have further questions, connect here

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