Mum what is a cough bottle?

This boy 🙂

He is 6 ..

The cutest bull in a China shop you ll ever meet !!!! 😂😫😝

Still won’t eat a lot of vegetables !!

A few if they are raw …

He loves sugar and is always hungry…

He’s pretty typical of his age 😊

But he takes fruit and veg capsules for free and has everyday for 3 yrs !!

Is NEVER poorly

Has never been at the doctor ?!

Never had an antibiotic 😱

Asked us over winter ‘what is a cough bottle ?’…. He thought it was a cough you bought in a bottle and was wondering what he was missing out on as a lot kids were getting one !!!!

This made us smile 🙂

Maybe he’s just had iron strength?!

Maybe it’s coincidence ….

… But he loves that he can eat broccoli without having to taste it 😄

So for free we are gonna keep them available to him ❤

This is a mums supply …

Sam (above) takes one fruit and and veg as being sponsored  on the children’s health study !

Start your journey as a family to get benefit from a nutrition boost or learn how to get your own franchise for €60

Here’s to your families health x

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