Own a franchise €60 !!

Three years ago I took out my own franchise!!

Clearly the best step I’ve ever taken and a catalyst for health and business …

It’s an exciting time to join my team and build your own franchise and training is free !!!

…. along with ongoing support and personalised mentorship meaning you will never be alone in this journey.

Team Heart training has a Facebook group where my team are gathered and are at different stages of their businesses …. A place to grow in a positive and encouraging environment !

Take steps today towards coming on board with team heart 💓


Find my sponsor number needed for sign up on the website by connecting with via private message and I will schedule a start up business call as soon as you have joined.

There is also a business call every Tuesday to introduce you to a bunch of mum’s working this business everyday and making it happen ….

Grab the link here by request
Spread the good news via social media icons!

Christine x

Spark Collector Marketing Coach

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