Wanna get unstuck ?

It started with ‘The Secret’

I continued into Law Of Attraction study, Abrahm Hicks.

 ….. continued with authors Eckharte Tolle Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer to name a few.

I experienced some insight, was seduced by the teachings and a knowing was reingnited in me that personal responsibility is key and choice sets me free 🙂

I ended my search when I found this speaker at a Law Of Attraction online summit …..

Brian. D .Ridgway

Paradigm Shift !!!!

I want to share with you his book ….. Its out now and it’s FREE!!!!

Brian has a desire to help 300,000 people with his work … Information that was born from his life experience and investments of 10s of 1000’s if dollars in the world of self help.

For me, it has opened up gates to freedom in life as I am experiencing changes in relationships, career, health and connections with an outer world of possibilities!!

I want to introduce to you the book.

Its a workbook with tasks and links to guide you through stages …

Its evergreen …. As you can redo the journey from a new evolved place and also have the opportunity to discover Brian’s free webinars that delve deeper into living as a conscious creator.


Access Break Your Self Help Addiction

Transformation is something

Liberation is Everything!!!!
Christine Fanning

JuicePlus Company franchise mentor

Spark Collector marketing coach

Access Consciousness practitioner

PS: check out replay of Brian’s last webinar!

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