ADD, ASD, Autism awareness …. Read and Watch !

Have you or someone in your family aquired a label of autism, add, asd, asbergers etc?

We are looking at the possibility as a result of a long process of being at odds with fitting into the existing educational system.

Its not something I’m comfortable with …. Labels

I prefer that we could be celebrated as individuals without needing to categorize kids and/or use pyschiatric labelling.

…. At this point we are in the educational system and I recognise my child’s choice to be there, so we are going to receive a label possibly from the ASD  spectrum.

The one thing that supports me in my views is the X-Men concept from Access Consciousness and keeps me feeling like I’m in the driving seat instead of falling powerless into the web of manage and damage control!

Here is an introduction into this concept of feeling like a misfit but recognising and celebrating the greatness and super powers in it!!

I’m more than happy to start a conversation around this and if you are interested to introduce your family to Access Consciousness contact me here

Celebrate without judgment …

It starts with YOU!!

Please share amongst your friends and you can find Diva Diaz on her X-Men Facebook page here

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