Photography Course Online ! 

Join here !! 

I’m upgrading my photo quality on social media for my business !! 

This course is simplified for anyone from camera phone to high tech camera !! 

We are learning from daily video tutorials over four weeks, and sharing our practise shots in a private facebook group !! 

Just as much as i enjoy outsourcing the less fun aspects of building a business at home ( i hired a Cleaner !!) 

….. I like having creative control (its my thing)  and so getting to translate my ideas and shares as an authority is something that lights me up ! 

So,  excited to support another entrepreneur…. (giving feedback on the course) 

…. indulge in excellent value  (its Free) 

…. upgrade my skills in creativity meets tech !!! 

For now, I’m using my camera phone, whilst getting my head around the potential of a higher tech camera !! 

Heres one of my first shots….

Portraits and Light ❤

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