Style & rythm fasion fundraiser! 

Friday night with the Womens Business Network brought to Thurles a fab fasion and style event!! 

Models from the holman lee agency showcased local boutiques and designer Marian Murphy Cooney creations got some coooos from fasion enthusiasts a few of Marians jumpsuits already dotted through the audience! 

My favourite was the zipyard a new business in Tipperary, that customises and upcylcles your worn wardrobe to offer them a new lease of life and an original design using your preloved materials!!!  Come with yr own ideas and let the zipyard do the sewing!! 

Members of the business Network showcased services, and spot prizes were donated for a draw of several spot prizes from members businesses.

President of the Network Camelia Shanahan ( who also had some intricate crotchet and knitted creation on show) and Miriam Durack vice president really found a huge success for the first event of its kind in Thurles and with money raised going to suirhaven hospice in Thurles.

I attended the nutrition table and enjoyed the style on show,

Always a pleasure to be part of a growing Network and inspiring group of women!! 


Coming soon from me:

Mumbiz cafe: Live online weekly chat featuring colleagues chatting though issues around building biz grom home,  the perks, the challenges etc. 

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