Have a strong message? Try Facebook live!!! 

Feeling frustrated with trying to connect my message of health v weightloss…. 

I went live this morning with my thoughts

What a relief!! 

Just to get it out there!! 

Video is a great way to cut through the noise on social media. 

There are many ways to develop video skill….  But of all the things ive learned…  The strongest tip of all

Is to

1. Show up ( leave perfectionism for these few Minutes

2. Make eye contact with the lense

3. Speak from the heart ( nobody care about ums and ahs if you commit to this

Heres todays offering

I’m still struggling with Wi-Fi connection

….. A really heartfelt share

Enjoy! ( and join the conversation, and share with a friend that world get value from it)  

Watch here…  Tiltle ‘no diets’

Thank you! 

Christine x

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