… I did it myyyyy wayyy 

Have you ever thought about how you Learn ?  

Have you ever figured out the best style for you?  

I’m a huge fan of learning by doing…. or kinestetic learning. 

A couple of years ago i found myself at a crossroads to decide what direction to turn for work. 

I had distanced myself from my original socialcare qualification,  and with several modules in a post grad couselling qualification,  i wasnt quite swaying in that direction either.

Two things happened.  I started having a family of my own and was complete in spending my energy with them. 

I made a choice to stay enjoying this,  and with a little fear coupled with an innate trust that it was the right thing,  i settled somewhat into exploring what i might do. 

With freer time constraints i rediscoverd my creativity, and started writing…  journaling and playing around on my blog….  i also discovered i could sketch and  paint …. I couldnt help but wonder what else was on offer outside of the constraints of the scheduled work family life i had prior!! 

I got slightly obsessed for a time in selfhelp books, trainings which was an intensely self indulgent time that not many others understood….  Through this i discovered a few coaches that inspired me….  a few steps later i became an entrepreneur ( thinking for myself creating and opening up opportunities and innovating a new world for myself)

Lots of friends around this time had found crossroads, and i witnessed many returning to formal studying and retraining…..  I entertained studies…  Well i’ve been a student, i just found a new way. 

 My least favourite learning is the conventional style courses that guide you through theory and practice, workbooks and modules…  with a grading system for determining your worth at the topic in the end …. The thoughts just depletes my energy. 

The schooled and socialised part of me still holds the value of accreditation…

…. and i get that there are some predetermined aspects when employing someone that you can presume to be  true when they hold certain papers.

…. Like if i ever need openheart surgery … it gives me confidence that it takes a doctor 7+ years to learn in an involved way  around the human anatomy …

 Its only worth it  when accompanied by the rates of success they have had with the operation on other people too of course !! 

Theres another aspect of consideration,  just to stick with this example for a minute.

..What if the doctor gowning up for operation prep is the midst of a nervous breakdown, is drinking too much and hates his Job?? …. Here is where we rely on their proffessional and personal support systems, to begin to measure the competence and presence of  the person in whose hands we may need to place our life !!!! 

My conclusion 

Qualifications and systems have their place, but its what comes after that determines the career.

There are layers of assumptions behind many socially acceptable norms,  something that really helped me come to grips with becoming a raw entrepreneur, and developing a reputation in my work. … How to build competence and in the case of owning your own business, the longer you mask behind the qualification the longer brand will take to grow!! 

My learning over the last couple of years has been less than linear. In business, personel development has been the pathway that has gained me most traction. Its my biggest asset. In the process i got to look at any formal style learning i had, harness and remould same of it and, and dump other bits. 

My past socialised self would see the same path as a cop out shortcut, but having been cut open,  revived several times over, and upgraded in my adult worklife i will say it’s not the easy way out haha…  Nowhere near! It has however ultimately gifted me the best way forward…

And forward on! 

The cost of my education

Apart from having to unschool myself from assumptions of how my education was designed to serve me,  the most cost effective learning came next.

Mentors and coaches

The best and longterm mentors and coaches over the last few years have provided me so much by way  of inspiration and value before and after i  ever spent a penny on a course or coaching with them. 

Those with whom i became more involved,  continue to feed me long after i had cleared the bill for the course i took part in! 

So much so,  that i had to take a long look at the structure of how this style of business is created!! 

Marketing in business

My own journey of choosing the right guidance for me has been like an enjoyable courtship…  a thrilling seductive adventure, that fantastically matched me up with my ideal product,  courses  coaching etc… 

The excitement continued having been through the ideal learning curve that my enthusiasm continues as i  recommend to others that benefit grom the same courses ( ideał referrals for my coaches!!!) 


I want people to have this experience whilst connecting with me ! 

My indivual Journey has evolved out of two behaviours (remember i learn by doing) 



And like all that comes after relating to my workhome life .

Easy…  No

Simple.. Yes
Next up! 

I am launching a new video series 

a day in the life’ 

A set of video’s to talk about my relatively new journey as an entrepreneur, the joys,  the trials,  the experiences, the ride! 
….. and lots of insights into the tools i have used to help me find pathways to a freer life, emotionally, financially, and spiritually…. As its all connected, i learned by doing.. 

… Where absolutely anythings possible!! 
My outcome from the series? 

For you to begin to believe the same for yourself 🙂

Ps: you can request early to get on the list, just contact me @Sparkcollectors

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