Guide to Summer Cleanse!!!!!

How I’m prepping for May 16th Summer cleanse!!!
This image demonstrates the difference between dieting / calorie cutting, and true nutritional detox, balance and true longterm change.

So heres how I’m preparing for true start Date of cleanse May 16th.

Been working on Couch to 5k  … by May 16th will be able to run for  20mins, also adding some rowing machine to the regime!!

Water: training my body to absorb more water by starting with an extra glass daily and have been adding to this aiming to be receiving a couple of litres ( without needing to be in near vicinity to a toilet)

I’ve learned a lot through previous challenges….  Have cut out any processed food.  I am eating protein based lunch, my evening meal being lighter and veggie!!
By May16th I’ll be ready to take out wheat and dairy,  substituting with homemade Kefir,  coconut and oatmilk and oat and chiaseed breads!! 

Trialing some guided Meditations,  and keeping it simple with lots of breath and smile excercises!!! 

Veggie protein:
For recovery after excerise I’m drinking choc veggie protein with water.
….choosing to fit in some early nights in the Week Top!

This time I opted for colonic Irrigation, promoting efficient nutrient absorbtion, aiding and kickstarting detox. My first ever, i experienced very slight detox, and can optionally add this every 3/4 months.

* I continue to nuture with nutrition and enhance both the cleanse and maintenance by adding wholefood veg, fruit and berry capsules*

Join me by ordering your wholefood capsules, and get access to Support group and guidance for cleanse tailored to you.

I’m excited to be sharing and assisting/supporting others!



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