Mission drive!!

This week-end I hung out with amazing mission driven tribe in Blanchardstown Dublin.


The most ordinary of us peeps being inspired by speakers like Dr Nyjon Eccles, Harley Street Dr. Of cancer patients, and Dr. Geoff Montague Smith….. with messages on nutrition and science and a simple powerful message of health!!


Food is not just calories, it is information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful way to charge your health environment and your world is your fork,

Mark Hynman

Most awe inspiring for me, was the lighthouses that filled the room, those of us ordinary people, who take a step out of our shadows to deliver a simple powerful message ….
Our stories, how fruit, veg and berry capsules have changed our families lives,
This weekend was also a collective health statement, in what I witnessed as a glow of radiant health!!


Elaine Denby Allen … Her story of traditional business meets financial freedom flexibility of a unique opportunity.



Team recognition for the top earning year in Ireland!!

The legacy:

A wonderful franchise, a mission driven opportunity that offers growth to people courageous to step into full health and experience an abundant life enriched and rewarded with opportunity of financial independence, whilst growing and connecting to personal power !!!

So i ask you

Do you spend time dreaming of something better?

Thinking up ways to accumulate an extra income, supplement an existing one?

Are you serving in an existing wellness  business? Are you motivated to expand ?

Perhaps you can find your answer through a new pathway I have created that is risk free!! A free trial of this business

under my mentorship.

You see, I’m not into wasting time….
Either mine nor anyone elses.

But ….. I am into inspiring others to flourish, and sometimes you just don’t know until you’ve dipped your toes in the water, whether you’de like to swim!!!

A friend of mine saw a spark in me, and shared this opportunity …. It was a perfect match …
so let me guide you through 30 days of owning a franchise …
Risk free!!

Message your interest to

Christine Fanning


E-mail your enquiry

When health is nourished it shines through the largest organ in the body, our skin!…. and this was very apparent in the glowing faces of a diverse range of people, from parent/caregivers, sports enthusiasts, health care professionals, teachers, those connected to beauty industry
to name a few!!
Learn more

Thanks to my team for a wonderful weekend … The future is bright!!



Home again !!!

Christine x

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