Calling spark collectors 🎉

Create more of what you want!!! 

  • Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

I feel called to help others make  the transition between being a victim of circumstances into becoming a creative active participant in experiencing more of what they want!!

I’m learning to do this more and more!!

Every aspect of life that I love is showing up more and more

and the experiences I tolerate are showing up less and less

Areas I maintain most attention to are



Conscious living 

Those are where my sparks infinite 💥

So I feel lit up!!… To maintain a great glow I allow these principles to align into my life, relationships and my work!

If this message resonates with you, let’s connect!

Browse my menu area to tap into the most unique and best way for us to click!

Would love to hear from you, 

Much respect and love,
Christine X


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