Facebook gone live!!!

Did you hear about Facebook live?

I’m trying to prep myself for using this (posting via video live)  as it apparently gets more reach than doing ordinary video that’s been pre recorded!!

Just as well, I have taken part in the light it up challenge video marketing …

30 days posting videos and as a part of the challenge group posting up our first takes!!!!!

I’m not interested in coming across polished and professional, what I DO want is to connect in a fun, easy, and time effective way, so I can spend most time enjoying being a mum whilst meeting and reconnecting with people via my messages!

I haven’t gone live yet, but this was my offering today, a little first take video … It’s my health tip done whilst up early waiting for kids to wake!!!!

Here’s to your health, and pop over to us for a visit if it feels right for you xxx

Christine X

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