Practise  makes perfect???


It’s morning ….

I’m feeling alive !!!!

Truly alive …. I’m not right or wrong or proud or shameful

Listen, don’t you think that sometimes we get mixed up with how we want to experience something and who we ARE?!

Practise makes perfect … 

We say it to our kids, generally when addressing a task or skill they are trying to improve on, 


Sometimes we believe that we are truly striving for perfection of self !!

The line is quite often unclear 

Here’s my thoughts

Now I shot that video wishing that I could feel more comfortable with myself and not be so conscious of people walking by etc.

But I know that’s my learned self talk … getting in touch with truth is uncomfortable on the surface ….

But it’s becoming immensely satisfying to connect with my aliveness and share with you all!

Thanks for watching

Your thoughts are received with grace X


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