Hope springs 

Spring is here!!!

Not just the calendar spring, but evidence based!…  new life, brightness, pick up energy spring!!

 Yes there’s still some white crisp topping the grass, the clear evening skies bringing that bite of dawn frost, but the overlap is fading and Spring is winning over!

Spring the experience!!!

 It’s such relief to be outdoors after the hibernation that winter brings!

New calves arrived into our neighbouring field ….

 Birdsong surrounds our house …. Red dawns …

 the odd hare scampering, and pheasants prettying up the ditches ….

And yummy food!!!!

A little less soup and more salads for us!!!

…. and the spring clean!!


Declutter … 

Shine the windows 

and hide the hot water bottles !!!!

It’s here …. Inevitably shining it’s victory on nature 😌

What’s your favorite aspect of spring? I love hearing others perspectives 💜

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Thanks for reading !

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