2 yrs on juiceplus!!!

 Two years!!!

This is what two years of growing looks like in human from birth up to 2!!! Tremendous development in 24 months, it blows my mind!

My kids were 3, 6, and 10 when I started them on a nutrition journey with me.

Two years of crucial development my kids have been benefitting ….

In fact my whole family all generations of us have experienced a fantastic upgrade in our health

… and I really want to SHOUT!!!!

It’s been hard not to shout all along!!! ( but people don’t like being shouted at!!)

It takes a lot of whispers and strategic dropping of little seeds to spread my message and grow my business .. My strong urge to help inform and empower people with this product …. 

…. and with several spoonfuls of self belief from various points of self discovery and development

Here I am

Enjoy my update 

… and have a fantastic week-end!!

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