Shout out to family biz!! Scatterpillar

I often love buying for experience rather than to own something, this purchase gave me both!!!

 I thoroughly enjoyed this from the  initial inspiration by Scatterpillar Facebook … to the ordering and customising process. We received   such personalized attention to detail ( came in a  special box with transparent lid and my daughters name embroidered on the back)  … a conscious expression art 😊

Jacinta Leigh is a busy mum with a great talent and I admire her innovation in business … Scatterpillar designs

Here’s our story X

Thank you for listening

Here’s the Scatterpillar designs website to learn more about how children’s illustrations are brought to life by Jacinta!

Ps: we miss you twiggy, your memory with our family has been captured, the least we can do for the joy you brought our little girl  x


sketch of twiggy we gave to jacinta

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