Salad in a jar … You tried it yet?

I wrote a post love yourself enough to plan your meals 

This is one winning meal plan idea that sprung from my meal planning …

…. Salad in a jar! 

Mason jars are all the rage of course …popular because of the glass feature

Great material for storing food, keeping it fresh with no nasty leaching of toxicities from some plastic alternatives …

Perfect size for storing single servings or left over sauces, or storing dressings etc.

It sure does lend a hand to produce a great Instagram pic too 😊
This pic ^^ outlines how to layer your salad to keep all taste in tact whilst storing in the fridge, great for pre-planning your weeks lunches and stores in lunch boxes for work lunches 😊


This one was my first salad in a jar!

Greek salad style, I had red onion in oil and balsamic vinegar in the bottom …. 

Then feta and olives …

 Then chopped tomato


Cucumber on top!

When ready to eat … Give a good shake to coat salad in dressing and pour out into a bowl or eat from the jar!!!!

Have a go and share your favorite recipe !!!! 

Appreciate the shares too if you think your friends would like !!

Ps: Take a look at healthy living rules that has come about from our family wholefood health journey x

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