New Years Craft!!

We got crafty yesterday !!!

We had some redundant blank canvas ….

I thought it would be fun to create a New Years banner! ( plus we had storm frank outdoors preventing us from stirring out the last number of days!!!)

We used ….

Sticky tape (or other tape, sticky tape is fine if your using canvas but would tear card so making tape would work better )

Card or canvas ( we used one canvas for each word, you could use card)

Paints! ( watercolor is great if your using card, we used acrylic on our canvas)

We formed the letters happy new year onto your surface with the tape, sticky side down!!!

Each of my three kids took a word and painted freely covering all of the canvas

Next we left the canvases to dry!

The really fun bit … The reveal!

Peeling of the tape to reveal white lettering against the paint!



It’s always a surprise to see how they turn out!!! The result is rewarding for kids with the element of reward and surprise!!!!


Here’s a great tutorial from the artful parent on how to do a slightly different style happy new year banner!

Share with families that might like to make one whilst it’s raining outside!!!!


Christine x 

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2 thoughts on “New Years Craft!!

  1. That’s so adorable of them. Great job kids! ^__^

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