Christmas window painting ~freelance artist

 A wonderful time of year to window paint for businesses!

A couple of years ago, a friend recommended me for window painting!

I took myself to the job nervous and jubious of my ability but decided to give it a go and opt to grab some courage ….. Something that I have started to develop as an entrepreneur !!!

Sometimes when we put ourselves out there, beyond the comfort zone it becomes very worthwhile!

I love painting windows, it’s pretty hard to get a huge temporary canvas to play as an artist so I find it so much fun!!!

The local businesses in my area are great to work with, and are happy to pass over creative license … And I incorporate suggestions into my designs!

I’m looking forward to developing this seasonal work in every coming year!

To get a quote for your business contact me here x

My kids are exited about doing own windows too!!!!

Happy holidays πŸ™‚

Christine x


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