Day 8 cleaneating ~ stress

Week 2 !!!! Yay!

After the week-end … I was expecting a lot more challenges … being the week-end and out of routine, but it was quite uneventful by way of challenges, and I embraced everything clean … had a bottle of heineken Friday night ( that didn’t lead to many more :)) all was balanced and even!

Helping out on this challenge is that my husband has come  on board this time! Having an accountability partner definately encourages all aspects of the challenge!

I also introduced some relax/ mindfullness practise this week-end and said yes to a drumming circle event advertised in my area on facebook. I brought my daughter, and found myself relaxed and content after beating on a drum for a few hours in the midst of calm, creativity!

Then Monday came … and stress is never too far away in a busy household. Todays food 4 thought I focus on stress and the role food plays in it all

My food diary today:

Fruit oats with coconut water …

Complete chocolate shake (product) with pineapple spinach leaves and chilli

green tea

handful nuts with dried cranberries and square dark choc

Kale chips and baked sweet potato

Soup: homemade chicken stock after the roast dinner yesterday, shallots, potato, sweet potato, and mushroom

green tea

Pineapple slices

Water with 2 fruit 2 veg and 2 berry capsules (product)

Brown rice with stirfried chicken and veg

green tea

rye cracker with honey

Thanks for reading / listening!

Christine x



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