t30 … This time round

Food diary day 1.


Complete protein (product) water coconut cream rasberries, oats, chia seeds

Green tea

Carrot sticks .. mixed nuts

Water with 2 veg 2 fruit 2 berry capsules. (Product)

Soup: butternut squash, carrot, tomato, onion, garlic, potato,sea salt

only diary used here ..a smidge of butter

Boiled egg  with rye cracker

Green tea


2 squares dark choc 70%

Green tea

Dinner: brown rice,  pork strips, carrot, green beans, shallot, ginger, garlic, lemon, salt




1 square dark choc

Green tea



10 min warm up with kids gymnastics club

That’s it!!!!


It’s a start!!!!! Nothing was hard to do … Set the tone for next 29 and longer!!!

How easy is it to get passed 5 a day when not distracted by processed stuff!
Christine x

ps: day 2 vid is up on family wholefood health 

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5 thoughts on “t30 … This time round

  1. Dark chocolate ??? Does this mean that I can have crisps ??

  2. Nora … 70% dark choc squares allowed 🙂 The problem with crisps isnt the potato but the trans fats 😦
    I also allow cocoa powder mixed with a little maple syrup and berries … quick sweet fix treat!
    If choc is a serious craving though leave it out at the start!!….like coffee for me!!!

  3. I was messing …..funny enough I don’t crave chocolate or coffee …. Usually !

  4. Lucky you!! I’m liking the green tea!!!

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