I gave up using shampoo!!!…. as an experiment and as a result I found out I didn’t need it!!!

So we get up in the morning

… We use products to wash skin teeth hair, our clothes, our dishes, our floors, windows ….

…. Most of it’s nasty

I was always aware of scents, and was sensitive to strong perfumes and air fresheners, and never felt good around them, I discovered essential oils, baking soda and vinegar, and started using them effectively for cleaning the house!

At a holistic health fair I brought home a natural soap that the lady told me I could use on my hair. I tried it, found it very hard to thoroughly rinse out of my thick hair! I was told that it would take 2 weeks for my hair to adjust and in fairness I gave up!

I also bought a natural bamboo head towel for drying my hair, and when I brought it home I thought, what’s the point in using natural fibres to dry my hair if I wash the towel and my hair in chemicals!!!!

I wanted to take action without having to shop for expensive naturals from the health shop, I was looking for a cheap sustainable way to keep my hair looking natural, without being static and  frizzy, a problem shampoos and conditioners seemed to cause especially if I didn’t blow dry it with a hair dryer!

So I took action! Taking from memory tips and tricks I’d read here and there about how to survive camping, and effective tonic rinses etc. this has become my new routine.

I knew that if you leave your hair without washing it will self cleanse, but  I also knew that to do that you have to smell like a sheep and look like a greaseball, and  hands up!!! I wasn’t prepared to do it ….

This is my compromise, and finally, I don’t have a problem with frizz!!! It’s a miracle, cost effective hair cure ( for my hair anyway)

So basically, I sprinkle bread soda in through the roots of my hair whilst it’s dry. ( breadsoda def: a bloody fantastic alkaline powder that is magic!)

Then I hit the shower taking with me a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a jug .

Next …. I wash out the baking soda by just rinsing under the shower, then fill the jug with water, and use it to rinse my hair.

I continue to rinse my hair and comb through it as the vinegar has now softened the water and makes my hair combable !

That’s it! I wrap it in my bamboo towel and let it dry!

It felt little strange the first few times, like the hair was going to have residue on drying (like if you hadn’t the conditioner rinsed out thoroughly when washing your hair) but it drys fully and looks shiny, natural and doesn’t need styling!!…and smells like fresh air!

I’m impressed!! I have played around with deep conditioning mixes ( only twice in 3 weeks … sheerly for entertainment purposes) 

My favorite one so far is avocado and lemon juice, it really suits my hair and brightens the colour and adds shine! ( which is hard to achieve in fair hair) 

So DO give it a go

After hearing about the health risks of parabens and panthenols, and the plastics in most hand soaps, shampoos etc. that wash away to oceans and seas, and cause untold damage to underwater ecosystems, It seems we are just too far removed from the effects of the products we are using as a majority on our health and that of the planet!

My awareness was also heightened as I began to understand the effects of daily household toxins on our hormonal systems, and how they interrupt a healthy endocrine system! For more info on that check out the audio at the end of post hormone health

Me with my new hair 🙂

9 thoughts on “I gave up using shampoo!!!…. as an experiment and as a result I found out I didn’t need it!!!

  1. looks amazing!! Have just chopped all my hair off!!! pity I didn’t know this before!!! but I shall store it in my memory bank… thanks for sharing!!

  2. Having once been the one who did not actually ….. [hang on let me check your terminology] …. “smell like a sheep and look like a greaseball” …. wash my hair for 2 years I am very interested in this as I feel that residues from shampoo and conditioner (while smelling better than sheep) do generally drag my hair down. I will try it for myself and report back – also it would be fab if I could get the girls with their beautiful long locks on board as they are always making lup balms etc – it might filter out to the friends in school ! Xx

  3. Yay!! Haha … That was total ‘ hearsay’ nora 🙂 you only ever smelt like a lamb ❤

  4. PS your hair looks fab xx

  5. Hey … Why did you go back to shampoo?

  6. I cut out my dreads and just fell back into the old routine. I do occasionally now wash my hair with nothing but water and it is more often than not just fine. Interestingly as you know I am now the ripe old age of 43 and I still have only one or two grey hairs – I am wondering if this could be related to the fact that I have hardly ever dyed my hair [perhaps 2-3 times] or used styling products such as hair dryers, straighteners etc. Any thoughts?

  7. It’s hard to know about greying, but from what I’ve learned recently on the health front … Your hormones will definitely thank you for it!!!

  8. Update: Im commenting from facebook account here! The baking soda and cider vinegar promote lightning of the hair, which compliments the natural tones in my hair … I will update on ways to promote the darker colours soon x

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