ever wonder how to overcome the lack of nutrition the kids get?

Sometimes I have to raise my hand and realise ….

Some days … is a struggle just to get any kind of food prepared for dinner!!!

Today we hosted my daughters birthday party

We fed the partygoers  usual party type food ….

I didn’t overdo the sweet treats, but let’s admit ….  sugar was ON the menu!!!

Dinner time came later for us …. I had a quick catnap due to a late night last night (admittedly not the best choice b4 party day) 

…. That’s life!!!! Hubby cooked a chicken, and frozen chips  heated some beans and we were good to go!

That’s life sometimes!!!

That’s why we all had double fruit and veg capsules today!

Number one ….  to balance the sugar swimming around our systems after party food!

Number two ….. to bridge the gap between the portions we know our bodies need and that which we manage on hectic schedule!

I truly prefer

Never to be short

Of the basic ingredients of good health

Live life celebrating your health

In prevention of disease

…. And consider the lifeline of juiceplus

I highly recommend!!!

Here some of my other customer testemonies

Get in touch or shop via familywholefoodhealth or

Connect on Facebook to find out how you can sponsor a child and get theirs for free x

Happy birthday Ami x


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