Great feedback from a concerned mum

It truly makes my day when I hear positive customer feedback,

I keep in touch with my families that have integrated juiceplus as a part of their lifestyle!

This one really made my day. Deidre Dempsey, founder and teacher of Urban Kicks dance group in my home town approached me regarding a concern for her son.

She had spent numerous nights in Clonmel hospital with her son that was suffering severe and repeat bouts of croup.

Fionn ( 4 years old) also had irregular toilet habits, and his appetite was worrying.

I hadn’t much contact with Deirde since she put her son on the children’s health study, as dance had finished for the summer, and the holiday season took over!! I knew she was able to contact me easily regarding concerns.

The start of the new term, we were getting prepared for urban kicks to start up again!!

I received a message from Dee, saying that her son had benefitted greatly from my product!!

Here’s her testimony ….

Testemony from a concerned mum:

My son started talking these about 6 months ago he had major croup and had a very difficult time with his bowels since starting on these there has been not one croup attack.. his energy is off the charts and going to the Lou is the same as every other kid major issues… Thanks to Christine Fanning for introducing me to these they really have made a difference.. I would most definitely recommend them.

Dee Dempsey

I was soooo excited about having a public testemonial!!!

It reminds me that when I receive a  good service, or  positive experience of a product or service …

to take a moment to let the business/ service know about it!!!

Too often we are fast on the mark of telling all when in receivership of poor quality service etc.

…. But forget to give positive feedback … When deserved of course!!!

Thanks Dee

It made my day, and sharing stories and experiences is a great opportunity to empower another!!!

Start your journey!!

Christine x

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