Love yourself enough to plan your meals 😊

Admission: I’m not a lover of routine!!

I like to think I run the day on a series of creative inspiration!!….thats what keeps me feeling alive!

planning is a different kettle of fish for me though….especially with food!

…. If I have planned my meals, I’m not having to rely last minute on meal preparations … organising the every day essential things, helps me run them on autopilot, leaving my spontaneous expression for the stuff I love to do!! eg. inspiring others in health and business, and creative projects!

why prepare your meals in advance!!

Planning does deliver a routine …. the brain likes routine (i learned not to fight it, and figured out how perhaps routine can serve me) and will adapt quickly. Think of all the routines you have had to adapt to over your life … School, jobs etc. 

Routine is something your brain will have no bother coming to terms with.

Planning ahead saves time. Who doesn’t want to be more time free? Planning helps create more time in the day!!

It stops my mind wondering whats for dinner? … if I am hungry and underprepared my mind can go straight to carbs … thats not going to be necessarily satisfying either in the longer term….

allowing our minds to wander gives it a license to be guided by cravings!!!

If we have a plan, we minimise being guided by cravings.

Tips for meal prep

  • Experiment with tastes you enjoy!
  • Digestion starts with the moment you start thinking about what you will eat!! So plan meals according to your tastes … (This actually helps your body take in and use the nutrition efficiently, making you feel satisfied and will help maintain good health!!!)
  • Write down your fantasy food list! Buy the ingredients you would need to make the meals you love as determined to your tastes alone!!! Adapt your shopping list to suit!



….. well guess what? If the family are relying on me to keep them fed and healthy, I may have missed the most important component …. BEING A ROLE MODEL!!

Take this for example …. on information night in school, teachers informed us parents that our kids are most likely to grow up to appreciate reading,  when they witness their parents enjoying books!! …. so buying books for ourselves was going to contribute toward our children’s relationship with reading later in life!!!!

SAME WITH OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD!!!…. Improve our relationship with food, and we are passing on that legacy to our children!!!…. My family are not my excuse not to do it, they are my top priority why I  WANT to do it!!

FIND YOUR OWN EXCUSES …. AND DEBUNK THEM!! find out why they are excuses and not valid reasons for you to not fullfill your desire to eat better!!



You’re here arent you?!  You are acting on a desire to want to have a fulfilled experience of wellbeing!! Thats it!!

 Dont overcomplicate it … just keep gathering tools for the toolbox on how to appreciate your self, and your worth in this world!!!

Last tip

Dips: ( in mood not for veg sticks) If you  experience moments where you dont feel strong, be it a comment someone makes, or another trigger for you feeling a less about yourself … just say and remember this: 

Print it out if needs be and don’t forget!

This feeling comes from how I’ve learned to view myself, over and over again since I was probably very young. It’s a story I have learned. Its familiar. Moving forward I am starting a new story for myself,  started by recognising the old story when it comes up!!!!….. when it comes up i will say to myself, ah… isnt that interesting!!… Then I will continue towards my new focus!

Thats how I believe is the start of choosing how we live in the world.


Now go and be the change you want to see in your house!!

Christine x

Ps: have you tried salad in a jar to plan a tasty lunch?

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2 thoughts on “Love yourself enough to plan your meals 😊

  1. Coach Tara Woodruff February 17, 2016 — 1:08 am

    I Love This message today, You are right, we just gotta love ourselves!!

  2. Thanks Tara!!ni harm to be reminded every now and then 🙂

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