Nervous mum! 

So ….. I went for the big one on my lunchbox challenge!!

….. The courgette savoury muffin

….. Except i went hardcore no white flour, baking powder, just goodness!

….. But will it be a line crossed?

… Will the kids come home and tell me there was kids gathered around their table shouting ewwwww!

I’m expecting the worse …. and hoping for the best!!!

I’m up for tweaking the recipe so it doesn’t look so much like a raw food vegan health market purchase ( heehee it wouldn’t qualify of course with the eggs)

I know it’s tasty by the look of it, but I served it in bun cases so I’m afraid there may be confusion …..

….. that it’s a healthy bread pretending to be a cup cake lol!!!

…. I should’ve just made it in a loaf tin !!!!!

Ah well,

Too late now!!!

It’s gone to the unjust biased audience of kids that show no mercy with their opinions!!!

I can’t wait for the feedback!

……as I nervously bite the tops of knuckles ……

Wish me luck!!!

Christine x

Ps: vegan health markets are actually my idea of a slice of heaven

2 thoughts on “Nervous mum! 

  1. look forward to the verdict…and the receipe!!

  2. heehee I’m so enjoying this…and pushing the boundaries slightly to see how tip top healthy we can get the lunches whilst still enjoying them!! Kids are so supportive of it too. I’m gonna tweak this recipe, and put it up as a bread (you can tell why in my verdict post) ….. and add the other option of adding flour and baking powder to make muffin types. I love this mix though, its dense and moist, the courgette works really well x

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