Lunchbox challenge!!

lunch boxes are coming on!!!

Notes on this week

Variety is key.. mixed with the right dose of nutrition and taking into account my children’s own tastes seems to do the trick!

I’m enjoying the conversations about the food when the kids come home,

…. and I think it’s encouraging them to eat more at school … they enjoy that we are trying out new things and trying to improve lunches!

I’ve learned 2 lessons this week

1. The right equipment helps a lot!! Having lots of different size tubs and flask,  thermal lunch boxes, helps me be able to prepare a  keep a variety of food that will keep fresh or hot, whatever the case. I find baking paper best thing for wrapping foodstuffs.

2. I have 2 types of eaters in my house …. My eldest who is up for challenges on the taste buds … I tried him with lentil Dahl over the weekend and he said he’d love it for lunch.
I find it’s too easy to get monotonous with lunches … I’m going to make sure to meet his taste buds and make the most of his adventurous palette.

My other is less adventurous but likes hot food stuffs and smoothies and great for raw veg….. so I’m getting to know individual tastes a lot more, and am learning how to cater for all tastes whilst not making a work load for myself!!!


I’m trying dips for veg sticks to see how they go … Yogurt with cumin was a goer … Will try salsa and a hummus next week.


Doing non-bake flapjacks tomorrow so stay tuned!!

…. And Friday will try savoury pancake and custard for treat day 🙂

… Thanks to everyone for sharing, and again all ideas welcome!!!

Here’s a summary so far:

hot french tost


cheesy bites went down a treat

had to work on getting smoothie right

hot pasta with pesto

X Christine

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