You tubers … Gaming … Jeeeez doc take us back to the 80’s!

I don’t get it!!!!

How do all the other 12 yr olds own grand theft auto? He’s lying right? Maybe …. I’m sure there’s a few that have it in their house due to having older brothers etc….. Clearly others are allowed play anything uncensored?!

Whoa to back in the 80’s land of Atari and pac man!!!

You tubers


My son loves watching you tubers gamers having fun on different games and demonstrating play …. He’s been pretty savie in my opinion on screening content that’s not appropriate for his age … and wouldn’t be at all interested in the pushing the bar around sex references etc….. But over time …It’s gone from stampylongnose ( annoying to parents but no harm whatsoever apart from the fact that they can listen to it for hours!!!!!)

…… to a new guy jack septiceye who he loves because he plays or try’s out games that others don’t ….. but the language has gone up a couple of notches, and so has my sons language over the summer!

…… And now he’s wants GTA!!! Oh the joys of parenting!

…..i asked him why he likes the look of this game …. He said it’s the fact that it’s ‘open world’ he said ‘the  ‘banks heists’ are cool and it’s open world meaning you can go anywhere, jump up and ragdoll in the air and land on your face!’ 

… Yes his words

I’d say it’s a matter of time before he comes across this game at some friends house, and obviously has seen it on YouTube, so I’m not altogether freaked out that he knows about it… 

He knows about the lap dancing and strip club options, and acts mortified that we’d even suggest he would come across this content, and assures us that’s all optional content you needn’t come across!! He seems to have a  trust in certain you tubers that don’t cross lines and he feels safe watching them, like some of jack septiceye.

We scan common sense media too to hear what parents and children alike are saying about the game and how they would rate it! 

…..The reviews are diverse, ranging from 

‘a great game … Id let anyone 10+ play it’ ….. to ‘no no no to anyone under age, the adult content is unsuitable for all kids’

We have had assassins creed etc through the house, he played them, finished them and moved on or went back to previous love affair of minecraft for a while, his dad keeping a close eye, and we kept  in his company whilst he played those games that are 15’s ( within reason)

After a while, he goes back to you tubers for a few weeks until he comes back springing a new game on us!

He doesn’t play online …. Except on mine craft, but it doesn’t happen too often anymore.

We had an Internet safety talk in the primary school which was really helpful, and the message was clear …. Don’t be afraid to say no and stick to your guns! If a game is rated 16/18’s it’s pretty much not for primary children!!!!

I know that, I do!…. I also try and listen to what my sons motives for having the game, and I try to divert to other interests as much as I can.

He has promised the sun moon and stars of course in order to be allowed to have this game. All I have said so far, is that maturity levels would have to be demonstrated over a period of time for me to consider any mature games, plus it would take me a while to research if I can be behind it coming into the house. I don’t know, maybe I should just say no.

 I guess I’m impressed with the openess  of his gaming life so far, and would like to keep communication open with it ( he tells me when he comes across things outside of our house etc)

For the age of 12 he seems to have a sophisticated taste in movies and books, ( is a bit obsessed with movies) loves Monty Python etc. and loves les miserables, as well as action adventure. 

Look, I’m not sure where I’m going with this really, just shouting it out there in case someone can uncover any blind spots I’ve missed in my thought process about it!

Being our eldest, I’m conscious of every new stage of development, and I suppose bottom line I’d prefer a big slow down in the progression of gaming, and am drumming up a plan to get a better balance of ‘screen time’ in general ….

….. It’s an idea inspired by another parent blogger 

And it’s called ‘cut down screen time by giving them unlimited screen time’

Curious? I thought it was genius!

I’m putting together my plan … Will share soon!

All ideas about this topic and your experiences welcome 


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