Controversy on bbc … Jamie’s war on sugar!

I’m a huge fan

I have followed and been inspired by the school lunch crusade Jamie Oliver has been leading over the years!

His message on sugar is a vital one for parents, and young people.

Considering the effect of excess sugar has on our wellbeing, and the cost of the health system due to obesity, diabetes, and modern diseases, we need to stand up against the big companies marketing sugar …

especially  in the form of energy drinks, to young people …. Drinks that are designed for athletes as a tool when undergoing rigorous training regimes!

There is sugar in everything that has has an ingredient list!!… Then wash it down with juice (more sugar) our systems are taking a such a hit that immune systems are crashing, diabetes and obesity are just far too common.

I took on board to apply to be an ambassador for food, to do my part in the community, and bringing awareness to these issues, and addressing the notion of back to basics eating wholefood.

I thought I wouldn’t have the time, and then I realized I’m doing it anyway, a path I am clearly meant to follow and just makes the most perfect sense to me!

Below is the q & a session after the documentary was shared. I highly recommend it…. It shines a light on how we can help ourselves, and not fall victim to aggressive marketing by companies that make huge money on people of all ages consuming sugar drinks that are just not food and are blasting our levels of sugar to dangerous levels!

Watch here

Have a great week-end

Christine x

PS: check out my post are you or your children sugar junkies!

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