The baby is in school!

Ah the day arrived when our little man Sam put on full uniform and ninja turtle bag on his back said

‘Mum …. I’m four. I’m a big four though, so I can go to school’

He’s been with me full time since he came into the world…. any work I took on revolved around the care for this boy and he shows the signs!!  

my watercolour of baby sam

He likes things to happen pretty quickly for him … He appears in the mornings and I hear him say ‘porridge‘ I always feel an urgency to get it to the table fast!!

I breastfed him the first year … then we embraced baby led weaning for him when he was old enough to eat …. He was taken to playgroup etc etc. what he did without in new stuff ( as hand-me-downs were plentiful) …….he had in my time 100% of the time. He looks up to his older siblings, and drinks in all the skills ( and curse words) he hears, and he loves to potter around and have a good chat!


hot chocolate and chat at bookwork thurles whilst others were in school

 He loves to chat! It’s unique to him, as his brother and sister don’t need that so much…. But if Sam is stressed ( patience isn’t his strongest resource) I know to sit down and chat it out with him, and I can see instant relief!….. When out and about he got used to people admiring his curls and used to say …. ‘Hello I’m Sam do you like my curls?’

So, starting big school!!! I do wonder how he’ll go, and if he will get enough chatting in ( teachers in school are busier than play school teachers who would get more chance for chatting)

Plus …. He’s in a local Gaelsoil (Irish speaking) so the chat is in a new language …. Another challenge! 

Funnily enough, I think there will be little bothers on him. In the school environment things are structured, kids generally know what to expect and I think he will appreciate that ( home on the other hand can be a chaotic free for all at times

 Sam has spent the last while commuting to his brother and sisters extra curricular activities and play dates etc….  like a bit of an accessory of the family, with the list of priorities growing for his older siblings!!!! 

used to being photobombed!

He has a friend  that comes twice a week, the same age that he enjoys. These days he gets to engage with someone the same age, and he loves it!

I’m already hearing a few names from school 2 days in,’ my friends ‘as he refers to them …. And that is comforting to me.

And me ……

Well, I wasn’t a blubbering mess…. 

I actually felt some relief ( dare I say it!) as I really wanted the morning few hours to get my work done, so I can manage to have quality time with the kids after school …..
….. I’m happy that Sam feels he’s ready to give school a go …. Seeing his proud face come out the first few days, helped me out, and I’m grateful to still have am hour with just Sam before we pick up the others as he finishes earlier.


happy to be joining the crew!
Best of luck Sam!!!

We are proud of you,

You are perfect!!! 

( he spent the summer telling me no ones perfect …. And I spent the summer telling him actually everyone’s perfect!!)

I am Sam Sam I am …. I do believe we will friends for life x

Love mum

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1 thought on “The baby is in school!

  1. Love the picture w/ the hot chocolate. So full of expression. Also love your watercolor. I do watercolors myself, although it’s been awhile. Neat post.

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