Running the home empire part 2

Design your authentic living week 4!! 


I’m on week four of the twelve week program aiming to develop an on line business that brings together who I am, and ‘my song’ into a commodity I can tailor to serve others!


So far, I have examined my direction, possible incomes I can develop, the audience I would like to reach, and this week I’m looking at the message I want to communicate authentically.

I have developed a great deal in the few weeks, and have already begun to look at and tweak my whole approach to making an income from home.


My passions are clear! My desire to serve is clear, and my love of serendipitous connections on and offline are how I thrive personally.

The course seems specifically tailored for my needs, and I am content in knowing I am operating authentically in an on line environment that has potential to overwhelm and underwhelm me in terms of marketing and marketers!!


I’m designing a’marketing campaign‘ that is just an extension of me and how I can serve people that are looking for what I offer!!


Niamh Arthur has attracted me over her years in the industry of marketing and so far, her course design an authentic living is a perfect match for someone like me, looking to keep aligned in business and personal mission, and make a rewarding business on line.


This course validates what I know to be true, and offers me the skills to pull it together in the landscape of the Internet. 


I’m on the right path …. And I’m moving faster!!

In the coming weeks, I will share how my marketing plan is developing and review the next exciting phase of my training in design an authentic living!

…. and that’s me!

     Christine x

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