Alternative crisps!!

Savoury snacks …..

Hmmmm once my big downfall!!

On completing a clean eating programme called transform 30 I have never gained the same cravings  for the traditional crisps!

I have started to love my alternatives though

Kale crisps!

These are bitter beautiful! Melt in your mouth …. Addictive!…. One batch is gone in a flash so be generous!


wash snd pat dry…cut off the stalks … rub the leaves in oil and sprinkle with sea salt … oven bake for 12 minutes until crispy!!


Pitta crisps

The ones below were made with bought pitta …

Just smear with oil of your choice … Add a sprinkle of sea salt … these have a sprinkle of paprika.

Plain ones go well with curries soups salads and stews, or snack with hummus….

….. another delightful Option for spice lovers is lime zest and chili!!


cut into triangles and heat in the oven for 6 minutes of until aittle golden and crispy on the edges


Tasty more wholesome style snacks !!!

Don’t knock till you try!

Any other ideas for savoury homemade snacks let me have em!

By the way making your own flatbread is fun too!…  Check out  One Yummy Mummy… She makes hers to go with korma here

X Christine


Ps: Refresh Reboot health courses available with me, you can book via family wholefood health

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1 thought on “Alternative crisps!!

  1. They look great. I marinate the kale in a bit of organic miso mixed with sorghum syrup.

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