Yeah .. Sometimes I cook with the kids but don’t be fooled!!!

Tonight we made pizza!

We love rolling dough, topping and slicing our own customized pizza in our house!

I’ve discovered kids loooove to eat what they make!

….. So if you have the patience and do some pre -planning it can be fun!!


 You know what though?

This day ended how I always fancy being with my kids … preparing food and being healthy ….

You may be picturing ideal circumstances …. Where the kids spent the day sipping on homemade smoothies and snacking on veggie sticks …… (Some days we do)

…. The reality though, saw me deep cleaning the bathrooms, whilst my daughter swanned around the neighborhood scoring treats, and chewing jaw breaker gum that she bought with her pocket money … Oh yeah  and a plate of cold beans.

So on days like this …. It’s thanks to a good start ( oatmeal breakfast ) 

Thanks to good endings ( homemade pizza and salad)


Thanks to juice plus+

Because I think when the chips are down ….. Knowing it takes to 5 or 7 raw fruit and veg a day for good health

I know my bunch could do with bridging the gap!!

Couldn’t settle for less for these dotes!

Visit familywholefoodhealth and ask about the children’s health study  (free whole food fruit and veg with an adults order)

Ever made your own pizza dough?

Here’s how I do it ( link to Jamie Oliver method)

Ps: we also like making our own chicken nuggets, what do you allow your kids to get stuck in and create in the kitchen?

2 thoughts on “Yeah .. Sometimes I cook with the kids but don’t be fooled!!!

  1. Ah you could rent those kids out x little stars xx pizzas look fantastic well done guys x

  2. I know … My 11yr old not into the pics as much now!!…. They love making a yummy big mess in my kitchen!!

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