Spark collector

Gather the things that make you light up!!!

Make them part of your day…


Integrate them into your work as well

Everyday have it your way!!

Skip outside the lines of comfort

Fight for right to smile :< )

Collect tools skills and knowledge 

And consult your heart for why?


Keep it up …. Sparkle and shine

The more sparks you collect

The brighter your mind!

No more settling for dull and bland

Sing your song play your band

Remember ….

 if it doesn’t cause a spark

It’ll leave you longer in the dark


There is only now .. This moment … 

Your time !!!


…… Become a spark collector 

…..a joy chaser !!!! What is there to loose?!

Pain in life exists  yes … 

But misery is yours to choose

Choice is power

The power you have

Lead by your choices

And show it’s possible

For you and all mankind!
Start finding sparks!!!!!

Christine x

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