Changing energy!

Anyone else enjoy changing the house around for different seasons?

I’ve always toyed with the idea, so decided to give it a proper go!!

Instigated by my daughter who always wants me to move the dining furniture out of the sunroom and claim it for her dance space!!!!

It will serve a few practical other issues

– A no t.v zone throughout the major space in the house …. I always like to encourage it in summer, and changing things around really seems to inspire the kids to act differently!

– Makes use of our big bright room! … Because we are busy and have not as much structure in the school holidays, we don’t have as much formal eating at dining table, and we are eating outside as often as we can! It didn’t make sense to use the whole room to home the dining table!

– our shelves are now beside the dining table and I’m gonna put our Lego, board games etc. on them to encourage us to spend time on them!!

– so new season … New activities ….

New energy!!

…. We have another large room to house t.v for Netflix .. X-box … Laptop and office stuff. We can use this room for the evenings, which works as its the room that catches the evening sun!

New dining area where couch was
 … And our once dining area
 Our evening space/office …. Once exclusively playroom ….. Needs some work!!!!

Keep you posted on how this room develops …

What about you?

Do you prepare your house for different seasons?

Would love to hear!… Hoping the shift will inspire creative energies ….

Gonna go enjoy the new space!

Check out my post on de-cluttering … Another ongoing phase of creating a living space to thrive in!

Catcha later!

Christine x

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