My tree of life


 Often referred to as the cosmic tree or the holy tree i’ve always loved the tree of life symbol and was inspired last year to create my own!! My tree of life represents for me Mother Nature and human experience intertwined at spirit, reflecting the integral qualities of the universe, rooted in earth, reaching to higher realms, and experiencing individuality, cyclical journey of life.
A great sale with canvases at the local art supplies, got me thinking, and I chose this long one for my painting using oils and brushes…. 

Originally it was for sale, but it has found pride of place on my orange wall in the sun room!! The picture shows it unframed as is.

My dabbling in oils began in frustration to being able to afford the art I wanted on my walls!!

Thus my creative practise began, and is a great spark in my daily life!!!

In September I am looking for a small group to share a mentoring process called the artists way, aimed to identify  and blocks to unleash your inner artist and lead to a fullilling life, whether hobbie, source of income, it will be a journey of self discovery.

Send a request for information ~ 

Find your sparks in life!!!!

Christine x

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