Pimped up pancakes for health!

We love pancakes in our house.

Granted it means I’m standing over the frying pan for quite a while circulating fresh plates of cooked batter crispy round the edges, choice of toppings etc…..

By the time the last person gets theirs the first person wants another!!!

Kids love them, and that’s what got me thinking about how to up the notch on actual nutritional value to them whilst keeping them as popular and yummy!!

So…. What not to compromise on

Frying with butter ….. I could reduce fat by not using butter some might say?

Not happening!! Butter is a good fat, and doesn’t turn nasty once heated like  vegetable oil and the trans fat conversion over heat. ( you could opt for coconut oil instead of butter)

Plus….. The butter gives the nice crispy edge on the pancakes that make them so scrumptious!

Toppings: no compromise on choices of toppings…. We will keep the sugar ( demerara) and lemon, maple syrup, berry and bananas…. There’s nothing wrong with them, and customising the pancake is an important part of the whole ritual!

So what’s left to play around with my nutritional wand? The batter? Bingo!!

Usually a basic batter proportion we would use is 1 cup flour 1 cup milk 2 eggs… soooo easy. ( I’ve tried making the banana and egg batter, but the banana flavour was strong and i predicted the kids wouldn’t be fans)

I like oats for breakfast, so figured adding in oats to the mix would be a good plan…..

Don’t mess with my pancake mum!!

They don’t want oat lumps!!

O.k then …… How about grinding the oats down to a flour? Bingo!!!! No one noticed!

Happy with that I continued for a while until ……. I brought home milled chia seed hemp and linseed mix ….. Hmmmm

Added a couple of spoons to the mix for less white flour….

Winner!  My eldest said they were the best pancakes I’ve made!!!!!!

From a slightly nutritious breakfast ……. Pimped up to a highly nutritious low G.I starter for the day!!

I love it when my inner mum genius gets to work!

Sometimes I’m called the food police…..I’m fine with it ….

When everyone is settled with the new recipe I always share it just to let the kids know that it’s possible to become a concsious thinker when it comes to food.

Food is fuel after all!!!!

This isn’t a food blog, and pictures of food sometimes are not my best art…more of prying the phone from one of the kids playing subway surfer and taking a quick snap!  HA! It’s more of a demo to show I do follow my own recipes! 

What’s the verdict?

Could you try it on your family?

Have you added a nutritional twist to a traditional dish? I’d love to hear YOUR tips’

If you found it a good read help me out and share with others, so I can reach them too!

Christine x

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10 thoughts on “Pimped up pancakes for health!

  1. mmmh …we just had pancakes this morning!! I will definately try incorporate those into our next batch! thanks for the inspiration xx

  2. Happy kiddies happy casa !! Pancakes on Sunday’s rule!!

  3. yum yum, sounds perfect

  4. I use 1/3 organic buckwheat flour to my mix

  5. Love the title “Pimped Up Pancakes” and you’ve got some good ideas. Taniworld added another one. It’s nice that you are into being creative and always looking to up the nutrition level of things a notch.

    p.s. Never heard of lemon w/ pancakes. Interesting twist. 🙂

  6. Never lemon?!! Whoa that’s tradition since I was young 😊 must be cultural!

  7. Yeah, I figured as much. Do you just squeeze some lemon juice over the pancake(s)?

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