Sweet pineapple rings with coconut yogurt

This has been stored in my memory bank since day I browsed it somewhere, so we gave it a go last night…..

…… And it was a winner!

You need

Fresh pineapple

Demerara sugar

Maple syrup

Greek yogurt

Dessicated coconut


Cut a few pineapple rounds from a fresh pineapple, and trim the skin from the edges.

Then cut the hard round from the centre of each piece

Get your fry pan and add a little water about 2 tblsp and a teaspoon Demerara sugar

Turn on the heat and let the sugar water start to simmer

Place the pineapple rings in the pan and allow them to heat gently, turning them every few minutes

Just when the sugar water starts to turn syrupy pour a little maple syrup inside each pineapple ring

Let the syrup bubble up around the pineapple then turn the pineapple rings over. Both sides of the pineapple pieces will look golden in colour now.

Lift the pineapple rings onto a plate and serve with Greek yogurt with dessicated coconut mixed through.


The kids loved this so much I had to do another round!!

Great summer bbq idea!!

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