Kids will expect cash for brushing their own teeth next!!!


There was 3 empty Easter egg boxes

I asked my 11 year old to take them out to the recycling bin

He answered “how much”

I thought he was kidding!!!!

I said ” 5 cent”

He answered ” 10″

I came back with “8”

He said “9”

” done” i finnished

He proceeded to take the boxes, whilst whistling a tune out to the bin ….

I chuckled to myself …. Thinking we just shared a giggle…..

…… Until he came back and said

“Will I get your purse” !!!!!!!!!!

…… I had no comeback at that stage as I had gone along with It,  so I counted out 9 cent and placed it into his hand. Victory beaming from his eyes!


Look,  I’m sure a lot of parents have strict regiments about chores etc..

…. We are learning as we go, and quite often I enjoy the kids free spirit!….


I worry now that I won’t get anything done without talking cash!!

I know,  it’s only coppers now, but I’m worried about fostering an attitude that I’ll find difficult to turn back from!

The upside? …  is that it makes him so happy to be in a position of negotiation!

I’m tossing it around in my mind the thin line between him learning about money and power of negotiation etc ….

……and creating a pre- teen who thinks he doesn’t do anything without bribery!!!!


Suggestions and thoughts pleeeeaase!

ps: he looooves Sheldon from ‘the big bang theory’ as per image 

8 thoughts on “Kids will expect cash for brushing their own teeth next!!!

  1. So glad I’m not in your shoes. Hopefully some readers will leave you some good suggestions or words of wisdom for handling the situation. All I can say is follow your inner guidance, even if it is something that will not initially make your son happy. We’re all here to learn and grow. Seems like there could be a middle road where he gets paid for doing some things, but is expected to do other things because he’s a part of the family and everyone contributes to the whole, so to speak. Also because he likes to be helpful to others, especially when they are always doing things for him that he probably takes for granted much of the time (cooking meals, grocery shopping, etc.). Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth, but this is not my area of expertise. 🙂

    Let us know how it goes.

  2. Thanks zirah! It’s really helpful to hear outside perspectives … You re advise seems appropriate, I will most definitely update on how we get on !!!

  3. thanks to all for the feedback on facebook on this one!

  4. You may have created a monster! 🙂 What about talking to him about “regular” things that he’s expected to do just as being a member of the household, but then give him a few suggestions or work with him to come up with a few “money making” opportunities. Things that might be normally outside the scope of daily family stuff. Sweep out the garage. Weed the flower bed.

    Of course next time he’s hungry as says what’s for dinner, you could charge him 9 cents! That could be a bit evil!

  5. Your advice is along the lines of what I suggested, but I love the idea of at least saying “9 cents” when he wants dinner or anything else along those lines. Even if she doesn’t intend to actually make him pay up, I think it would be a great way to get a point across and make him think about things differently…and maybe not take certain things for granted.

  6. I do think done with a bit of humor, it might be just a little “jolt” to the thinking! 🙂 Of course, i have a 23 year old who still visits, raids the fridge and plops on the couch, but he does also stop by and mows the lawn, blows the leaves, etc.

  7. That’s good to hear frugalHausfrau!!!

  8. My son has had a couple of lessons on how to prepare the fire for lighting, mowing the lawn, and takes out the bin. I’m going to base his pocket money on these tasks and then get him to make bed bring down washing set table etc as part of self care daily family routine without attaching monetary gain!! Lol!!! Great advise ladies, it gave me good perspective and helped me take action on it 🙂

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